Latest generation MRI equipment

Only the best for your health: Since 2017 our magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT) Prodiva 1.5T is the first such system in Austria. We thus offer a method of radiological imaging diagnostics that will help to make faster and more meaningful diagnoses in the future.

We would be pleased to discuss the findings with you immediately on site or, of course, send them directly to your doctor for further treatment.

Dr. Bernhard Heinzle

Specialist in radiology

The system is focused on the comfort of our patients: As you relax, we can focus on the examination. We offer the most advanced imaging results from head to toe without any radiation exposure to the joints, spine, head, abdominal region, etc.

The MRI scanner is operated by Dr. Stephan Papp, immediately adjacent to our orthopaedic / trauma surgery practice. Private MRI, no cost contribution by the statutory social insurance funds.

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This is how we can help you.

Have you just been injured?

We are available 7 days a week (Mon to Sun) and can treat fresh wounds and bone fractures in our own surgical room on-site.

Accurate diagnosis?

Our own in-house available MRI, CT, digital X-ray and ultrasound make a fast and exact diagnosis possible – much to the benefit of our patients.

Most modern therapies!

Always the latest therapy methods such as autohaemotherapy (ACP injections), hyaluronic acid, laser, shock wave therapy, Omnitron (high-frequency inductive magnetic field therapy), autologous fat treatment – all in a pleasant atmosphere.

Do you need surgery?

In a relaxing atmosphere, we can treat injuries from excessive strain and delayed fractures with shockwave therapy and autohaemotherapy (ACP-syringes).


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